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Extracting Flood Waters from a Basement

Homes in the Statesville and Mooresville areas are as susceptible to flooding as other homes in the region. When a heavy rains recently flooded areas of our com... READ MORE

Drying Water Damage in a Basement

Most people store their belongings in the basement, which is why water damage in that space can be catastrophic. In this home, for example, water affected the e... READ MORE

Drying Water from a Clogged Sink

When's the last time you've ever worried about a clogged sink? This homeowner quickly learned how devastating it could be when a clogged sink overflowed and aff... READ MORE

Removing Wet Carpet in a Flooded Basement

Basements are the most frequent targets when it comes to flooding. These spaces are also where people tend to store many of their belongings, making them easily... READ MORE

Cleaning Up Water from a Toilet Overflow

Toilet overflows can happen to anyone, which this homeowner learned when one of their toilets overflowed and caused water damage in multiple rooms. This custome... READ MORE

Drying Water from an Accidental Sprinkler Discharge

Accidents can come in all shapes and sizes, and they often come when we least expect them. For example, somebody in this office accidentally hit the water sprin... READ MORE

Water Damage from a Broken Water Supply Line

A water supply line leaked in this home, soaking the ceiling and the carpet of the basement below. Once a plumber fixed the supply line, our team was dispatched... READ MORE

Sewage Backup in a Local Statesville Business

Sewage backups can happen to anyone for a number of reasons. This local business can attest this to because their toilets backed up and affected the bathrooms a... READ MORE

We Clean Soot and Smoke Damage

Kitchen-based fires are one of the most common types of home fires in the country. This home had a significant fire that damaged all of the kitchen and the surr... READ MORE

Cleaning Up Flood Damage in a Mooresville Basement

When we had flooding in February of 2020, more than a hundred homes and businesses called our office. This home—like many others in the area—had rai... READ MORE